U-boot UB 1 to UB 10   by RCsubs

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SKU-0241-STL  Price: 105 $ or 90 €  (on order)

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U-Boat UB 1 to UB10


Made of PLA filament from the company:     



During the development, we collaborated with the Museum of Archives W. Aichelburg-Wien and Czech historian Boris Godol 

Here you can see the difference in the design of submarines UB1 to UB10 and UB11 to UB17.

This submarine is UBI class, but it is versions UB1 to UB10. These submarines are very different from submarines UB11 to UB17.

There is a different shape of the hull, turret, rudder, deck, deck equipment.

RC version

Sale of STL files. Etched parts will be delivered by postal service including CD with STL data.

RCsubs reserves the right to update these files.

Etched parts can only be delivered to the customer who once purchased STL data.

The maximum object size STL (printed on PRUSA MK3S)


Scale 1/72

   X=60 mm, Y=60 mm, Z=135 mm

Scale 1/48

   X=90 mm, Y=90 mm, Z=201,6 mm

SKU-0240-STL, scale 1/72 Price: 68or 60 € 

SKU-0241-STL, scale 1/48 Price: 105$ or 90 €



Etched sets 1/72

Etched sets 1/48


The maximum object size STL (printed on PRUSA MK3S)


Scale 1/35

   X=110 mm, Y=110 mm, Z=170 mm

Scale 1/30

   X=150 mm, Y=150 mm, Z=208 mm

SKU-0242-STL, scale 1/35 Price: 150$ or 130 € 

SKU-0243-STL, scale 1/30 Price: 182$ or 160 € 



Etched sets 1/35 or 1/30



STL Sample

U-boat UB1  1/48

SKU-0241   Price: 205$ or 180 €  

U-boat UB1  1/35

SKU-0242   Price: 330$ or 290 €  

U-boat UB1  1/35

SKU-0242   Price: 450$ or 390 €  

3D printed parts

(Some parts can be slightly repaired with sealant and glue after production) 




special edition for scale 1/72, 1/48 RESIN 3d printing (until stocks run out)

Etched sets 1/72

Etched sets 1/48