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SKU-077 Conversion HAI or HECHT Germany 1957-60

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Deck and details for Special Navy SN 72001

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Standard War Version

Photos: Deutsches U-Boot-Museum

Video End War Type XXIII

PE + Decals SKU-063 Kriegsmarine Flag 1/72

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Conversion to HAI or HECHT  Germany 1957-1958

Photos: Deutsches U-Boot-Museum

Decals, 3D print part for type XXIII HAI

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Conversion to HECHT Germany 1957-1958

Decals, 3D print part for type XXIII HECHT

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Hai or Hecht 1965

Photos: Deutsches U-Boot-Museum

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Video Bundes Marine HAI

Video Tragedy HAI

High detail Resin 3D print 


Decals HAI or HECHT


Sample installation