SKU-071 (1940)   Price: $ 58 or 52 €  (Sold Out)

SKU-072 (1943)   Price: $ 58 or 52 €  (Sold Out)

We apologize, but new shipments are already reserved for customers to Finland in order. So the new items are sold out again.

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Deck and details

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We want to thank Finnish modelers for their cooperation, thanks to which these etchings will be absolutely great.

Many things need to be fixed on the model.

Deck and details

Photo etched set SKU-071    (1940)   Price: $ 58 or 52 €   (Sold Out)

 Deck and details

Photo etched set SKU-072    (1943)   Price: $ 58 or 52 €   (Sold Out)

we prepare

Decals Finnish flag

SKU-073                                                     SKU-074

 Deck 1940 or 1943

Sample installation