(will be released in 2019 together with the revell model 09/2019)

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News Revell 05166

possible U-boats versions: U-67, U-154, U-68, U-125-131, U-153-158, U-503-512

Other types of submarines, such as the U-166, are also available, here is the need to adjust the number of holes on the hull.

If you have any requests, suggestions or photo documentation for this types of boats, please write to us.

Deck and details

Photo etched Concept

Modified deck version SKU-001, deck gun 105 mm SKU-021 


Railing for hull

Photo etched set SKU-018   Price: $ 16 or 14 €    (In stock 1 pcs)

Holes for hull

Photo etched set SKU-023   Price: $ 22 or 18 €   (In stock 1 pcs)

Download assembly instructions


Antenna insulators

Photo etched set SKU-033   Price: $ 7 or 7 €   (In stock 2 pcs)

Download assembly instructions


Kit deck gun 105 mm

Set SKU-021   Price: $ 22 or 18 €     (In stock 1 pcs)

Download assembly instructions


Model with photo etches in place