Spacecraft Soyuz   by RCsubs

SKU-0-STL  Price: ? $ or 0 €  (on order)

SKU-0-STL  Price: ? $ or ? €  (on order)

SKU-0-STL  Price: ? $ or ? €  (on order)

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Spacecraft Soyuz


Made of PLA filament from the company:     


version 1/30, 1/25, 1/20

(The design of the model is according to a Russian 40-year-old kit, Soyuz 1/30 ogonek)



Sale of STL files. Decals parts will be delivered by postal service including CD with STL data.

The maximum object size STL (printed on PRUSA MK3S)


Static version 1/30

Hull: X= ? mm, Y= ? mm, Z= ? mm

Static version 1/25

Hull: X= ? mm, Y= ? mm, Z= ? mm

 Sample STL