Submarine Los Angeles 1/72 by RCsubs

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 SKU-0205   Price: 380 or 310 € 

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 Submarine USS Los Angeles  1/72

Made of PLA filament from the company:     

Tube material: PVC
length model: 1528 mm
width of hull: 140 mm
dimensions of the tube: Ø140 mm X 2.8 mm X 885 mm
number of parts: 20 pcs
Weight model: g

RC kit submarines 3D print Los Angeles, Class 214   1/72


Building kit Submarine Los Angeles 1/72

3D printed parts

(Some parts can be slightly repaired with sealant and glue after production)


PVC Tube 140 mm

Screws and nuts (M2, M3)

 Photo etched details for Los Angeles



 PROTOTYPE-plastic parts with 3D printing