U-boot HECHT XXVIIA    1/16 by RCsubs

SKU-0215-STL  Price: 78$ or 66 €  (on order)

SKU-0215  Price: 199$ or 175 €  (on order)

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Worldwide Shipping: 28$ or 23 €


Made of PLA filament from the company:     

Tube material: PVC, HT
length model:  600 mm
width of hull: 75 mm
dimensions of the tube: Ø75 mm X 2 mm X 330 mm
number of parts: 20 pcs
Weight model: g


Sale of STL files. Etched parts will be delivered by postal service including CD with STL data.

RCsubs reserves the right to update these files.

Etched parts can only be delivered to the customer who once purchased STL data.

The maximum object size STL (printed on PRUSA MK3S)


Scale 1/16

 Hull:  X=90 mm, Y=90 mm, Z=175 mm

SKU-0215-STL   Price: 78$ or 66 €  

Photo etched details for Hecht  1/17



SKU-0215   Price: 199$ or 175 €  

 Download assembly instructions

3D printed parts 

(Some parts can be slightly repaired with sealant and glue after production)



Static version - 0215S     /   RC version - 0215R   


PVC Tube 75 mm / 32 mm 

Screws and nuts (M2, M3)

Photo etched details for Hecht  1/17